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Is the Knife a Full Tang or Half Tang?

The New Hori Hori Knifes by Oakridge Garden Tools are Full Tang knives meaning they go from blade to the end of the handle fully and not half way through the handle.

What type of Serration does the blade have also is the straight blade actually sharp?

The serration on the knife is triple serration on the saw cutting side and the straight blade side is actually pretty sharp, if you wish later on you can put another edge on it by grinding it.

Is the blade flat or V shaped like a shovel?

The scooping side of the blade is concave and is designed like a scooping shovel with markings on it so you can measure when planting your seeds, measuring the distance of your plants or the depth of the plants.

What kind of wood is the handle made of?

The handle on both the Hori Hori and the cutting shears are Padauk Redwood which is a species of the Redwood family from South East Asia region. The wood is known for its beauty and is strength.

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