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Pruning Shears - All Purpose Professional Shears/Scissors - Used By Professionals - (With Beige Leather Sheath)

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Oakridge Gardens(TM) #1 Cutting Shears You'll Be Proud To Own- A leader in cutting tools...

Finally A Pair of Cutting Shears Made Of High Quality And Excellent Sharp Cutting Edge

The All Purpose Cutting Shears or Scissors Used By Professionals

Sharp Stainless Steel Blade to cut mostly anything you put in front of it within reason and will cut all types of material including but not limited to: paper, rope, cable, metal, herbs, packaging, shrubs,meat, bone ,copper wiring, sea food and my other hundreds of items. Also can be used for your fishing gear, home repair, arts and crafts, home tool box. Unlike the brands on the market now, these really do cut.

The 10 inch Blade goes all the way through the full length of the shears

- Made from the highest quality forged stainless steel that will not rust , break or bend on you

- High quality Leather Sheath stores your sheath while not in use and protect you from getting cut, Choose from Beige or OX Leather

- A Versatile tool that can be used for any gardener, chef, fisher, Do-It-Your Selfer, Camper, Hiker and many more

Has a cutting notch to grip and hold items to be cut - Ideal for bone,rope, wire, copper, etc. Will not slip out and crush all the way through

- Actual Cutting Blade is 5" long and 1/8" thick, hardened for durability and fully polished for easy clean-up.

- Cutting Edge is actually sharpened to the sharpest it can get to actually cut through cardboard, paper, copper, small wires, twine, scrapbooking projects and much more...

Real Redwood (Padauk Wood) Handle known for its valued toughness, stability and decorativeness - 4 in long and comfortable. Others use fake hard plastic which is look a like wood.

SPRING LOADED - Lockable spring loaded handles for easy use. Ideal for those who have hand conditions that causes pain.

Add This to your tool box, home sewing kit, fishing box or home emergency kit Today!!!