Weeds - The Terrible Problem & How To Remove Them From Your Yard! January 29 2016

 Weeds, the ugly problem that keep popping up and don't go away. They make even the beautifulest yard look flawed with their presence.  They take over the growth of delicate green shoots and usually bring stickers to your yard as well. There are several ways to rid them of your yard forever but the method depends on your budget, type of weed and labor you use.

First examine the types of weeds that are in your yard. If there are only a few, pulling them by hand may be your best option. It keeps the area free of chemicals and is the least expensive -- but most labor-intensive -- manner of eliminating unwelcome lawn plants. To keep the weeds from returning, grasp at the base of the plant with gloved hands and pull out by the roots or pop them out with a small hand-held dandelion weeder. Dispose of the weeds in trash bags and place in the garbage for pick-up -- DON'T leave the weeds in the area, because they may spread seeds.

Keeping your lawn lush and healthy deters the growth of weeds, because the strong grass growth overcomes small weeds attempting to come up. Mow high and often; decapitating unwanted plants will eventually cause them to weaken and die over time. Mowing also removes the heads of plants and prevents them from growing and spreading their seeds.

How To Remove Unwanted Weeds and Plants in Your Yard

  • Identify the weeds from your lawn grass. Their leaves' shape, size and color are very different from the grass on your lawn.

  • Hold the tops of the weed's leaves together. This allows you to gain a firmer hold on the whole weed plant and reduces just tearing off leaves.

  • Slightly tug the leaves upwards. If the soil is loose enough and the weed is shallow-rooted, then the weed is easily pulled out.

  • If the weed is deep-rooted, continue tugging just slightly so as not to tear the plant from its roots. Remember, you want to remove as much of the roots as you can.

  • Still holding the weed with one hand, pierce the soil under the weed using the hand weeder as shown below.

  • Pry the weed upwards by pushing down the handle while simultaneously tugging the weed upwards with the other hand. Use the hand weeder's fulcrum to gain leverage.

  • If the weed's roots are still deeply anchored in the soil, pierce the soil further down the base of the weed. You may also need to pierce the soil surrounding the weed plant around its circumerence to further loosen the soil.

  • When you feel the soil giving and the weed's roots almost freed up, uproot the weed with the hand weeder so you easily lift the weed off the soil with its roots intact.

  • Don't worry about getting clumps of soil with the weed. Unless, it's a big soil clump, I don't bother shaking all the soil off the roots.